I did all esfr-bordermarkers (twice!)

Today I swam to bm602, the last of the esfr-bordermarkers in a cave on the Mediterranean coast. Accessible only by boat or by swimming.

I trained this summer in open water swimming and after a failed trial a few days ago, I succeeded today in good weather and a calm sea. And thanks to the directions of Corinne Gourgeonnet who made the trip twice with her son Arthur.

With bm602 doing for the second time (first time by boat on 21-5-2011), I have completed my ‘quest’ to do all esfr-bordermarkers twice with at least one year interval. I guess I am the first person on the planet earth who has done this. You might ask: why? I always respond with: ‘why not’. But now it’s enough.

I will return to the Pyrenees nevertheless, there is always a reason to come back to these marvelous mountains and revisit bordermarkers, just for the fun of it.

9 thoughts on “I did all esfr-bordermarkers (twice!)

  1. JerryW

    Eef, I am so impressed. Some might say you have an obsession, but not me. You have a perfectly understandable love of the Pyrenees and all its features, including the bordermarkers, and wanted to see a proper job done well and seen through to its conclusion.

    You are a real hero. I salute you.

    kind regards

    Jerry W

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  3. Loubiere

    Bravo et encore bravo! Respect et admiration devant cette double chasse!
    Même si tu les as toutes faites, j’espère que tu reviendras et qu’on se croisera au détour d’une des bornes!


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