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The Basques can go ahead

There are a lot of Basques who want to visit all esfr-bordermarkers on the Basque territory and that implies walking from bordermarker 1 to 272. On my website I completed the 13 GRPdesBF-stages which will help them along the way, providing all the maps and directions they need.


And – in this update – there is much more new: see the update-log.

Jean and Simone announcing their book

Jean Hirschinger and his partner Simone Hondelatte have since 2010 searched and photographed the bordermarkers of the Basque country: no. 1 to 262. Jean is an experienced walker and used to be the vice-president of the “Fédération Européenne de Randonnée Pédestre

They will publish their pictures and information on itineraries, maps, details in a marvellous and inspiring lay-out. I was thrilled to see the brochure of their book and immediately ordered a copy. Well, look and judge for yourself:

















Click here to enlarge the brochure. Prices and how to order: it’s all in the brochure.