A new update of my main website: www.grpdesbf.nl

See for the update-details: https://www.grpdesbf.nl/esfr-html-miscellania-updatelog.html

It has been once again challenging and interesting trips in april and september 2023. Among others: with Corinne Gourgeonnet searching for the Croix de Malafrenor and the Bidaubus-crosses, 3-days of backpacking in the increasingly dry Eastern Pyrenees and with Carlos & Conchita Roca their first wild camping experience. Also digesting some sad news: my beloved old-fashioned-for-ever Hôtel d’Annécy in Lourdes – so much part of my Lourdes-vibe – has closed in autumn 2023.

Read, watch and enjoy. In september 2024 I will return to the Pyrenees.

One thought on “A new update of my main website: www.grpdesbf.nl

  1. Jerry W

    Ah, sorry you have lost your Lourdes hotel Eef, always annoying when that happens. My favourite hotel in Cauterets closed a year or two back as well.
    Still perhaps there is somewhere even better, needing to be found?


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