Running the Llivia-circuit

It has been a plan for years: (trail)running around Llivia and visiting all the bordermarkers on the go. Why: for the fun of it and as a sporty challenge.

Today was the day and the route I was about to follow was my own GRPdesBF-one:

Well, it took me 5:30h to complete the 25km. Many parts were unfit for running: too steep, too rocky or no trail at all. And when I could run, there were regularly interruptions to find the bordermarker, make a picture, to check where to proceed. So the average speed is low but the variation in speed was large. I was quite exhausted when I finished, also quite content. I think no one has ever done this.
IMG_0663 - Edited

The recording by Runkeeper can be seen at this page.

4 thoughts on “Running the Llivia-circuit

  1. Miguel

    Que buena idea. Y que duro esfuerzo… por que hoy ha sido un día de mucho calor.

    1. david mannix

      Congratulations! I agree with Miguel, and it looks like ‘un dia de mucho calor!’… Did you get any funny looks?

  2. Jerry W

    Eef, that is impressive.. well done! Your own website says “Taking two days is nicer”
    It is also very slightly eccentric, and I hereby appoint you an honorary Englishman 🙂

    1. Eef Berns Post author

      What can a man expect more of his life than to be ordained as an honorary Englishman. Thank you! By the way, I voted against the Brexit.


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