A new profession: bordermarkerguide?

I remember well how I was guided in 2009 by Jean Iglesias from Coustouges to the remote and hard to access bm542 (see this page).  I visited since then the area many times. And ten years later, it’s me who performed as a guide. Yesterday, I took Carlos and Conchita Roca (see their website) into the forest and down steep hillsides to the range bm536-542. Especially bm536 and 542 are not easy to reach and in their approach and return demanding. The last one was bm542 along the Rio Major. And that’s where Carlos learnt me how to tackle the last meters to the bordercross by skillfully climbing a rock in between while Conchita gave directions.

 All went well and my ‘clients’ were delighted to have covered this gap in their collection from Andorra to the Mediterranean. And I was content with their cheerful company and their perseverance. At the foot of bm542 a portrait of us three.

2 thoughts on “A new profession: bordermarkerguide?

  1. Carlos Conchita

    Hi Eef, we are very grateful for your help to “do” these difficult bm’s, specially 542, but also 536 to 541, because we think that we cannot do without you, and less in only one day.
    And also for your help to do 573 next day in Fort de Bellegarde !
    See you next bm !
    Carlos y Conchita

  2. Carlos Conchita

    Hola Eef, we are very grateful for your help of the day 25-june-2020, to find the difficult bms 065 to 072.
    We can ensure that you are a very good bordermarkerguide !
    We had a very pleasant day with you !

    See you next bm’s !
    Carlos y Conchita


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