Excavating bm196: who will finish the job?

August 25, 2012. Bm196 has been buried since ±40 years. In august 2012 I tried to excavate it. First I gave it a try at the left post of the former gate to the former meadow. One source stated that bm196 stood at the left post.
While I’m digging, a farmer passes by in his car and stops. He knows – the meadow was their property – that the bm stood at the right post of the gate and he points me that spot, say 2-2,5 meters to the right and ± 1 meter from the tarmac

Old air-picture from the SITNA-site

So I start digging at this second location. Fifteen minutes later his father passes and confirms his son’s story and points out the very same spot as he did. The buried bordermarker is a large square one and he shows the width with his hands: 50-75 cm square. And that is accordance with Jean Sermet’s account.
But digging here is tough because of stones and the dense, pressed soil. It became more difficult as I got deeper which is stil not quite deep. I gave up after 2 hours, Better tools – e.g. a pickaxe – are needed. Who – strong and daring – will finish my job?

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