Tv-documentary on the esfr-border

I knew they were working on it and now it’s ready: emission of sunday 15/2 on the French channel TF1: this documentary


I still have to watch it. Then I will comment on it. Thank you – J. Miguel Martín Ramos – for telling me.

One thought on “Tv-documentary on the esfr-border

  1. david mannix

    So, unlike most of my notoriously non-linguistic fellow USonians, I get by in a few other tongues, mainly Spanish and German…. mais, lamentablement, pas de francais! (le francais..?)

    Borders. Worth a documentary for those of us with that funny interest–but who knew there was anyone else with that funny interest?! They should put us in an asylum… No wait, as I recall you are already in that business!

    All the best, and I hope the New Year is going well for you… Tot ziens!

    David in Oregon


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