Cerdagne in the spring

IMG_1302I spent a few days in the Cerdagne, redoing the bordermarkers 444-505. April is perfect for searching and photographing bordermarkers. The weather is improving, the days are longer and while nature is blossoming en the first leaves are appearing, the undergrowth is still in winter’s rest. That makes finding and photographing bordermarkers a lot easier.

But in this spring symphony there was one false note: catalonian separatists having desecrated a defenseless bordermarker.

4 thoughts on “Cerdagne in the spring

  1. david mannix

    Lovely shot! Looks like my Oregon this time of year…

    Daubing the colors of Catalunya, while certainly a desecration for us border-marker enthusiasts, is meaningful in its own right, since the border at that point might be regarded by a true Cerdanya revanchist as an artificial construct with both sides being Catalan–French Cerdagne as much as Spanish Cerdana… granted, it went to France a long time ago, but nationalism is not logical!

    On the other hand, regional separatism is seems a stronger tradition in Spain than in France. Any theories about this, Eef? Why are French Basques and Catalonians more seemingly French than Basque or Catalan, while the opposite seems true in Spain? I have some thoughts on this but I would like to hear yours.

    1. Eef Berns

      Thank you for answer, dear David. You are right: seperatism trives more on the S-side of the Pyreneeën than with their brothers of kin at the French side. But why? Because their territory (catalonian and basque) in France smaller is than their Spanish counterparts? Or by more mixing with Frenchmen from other parts of France? Or because Catalonia as a welfaring Spanish province has more to gain from independance than the Pyrenees-Orientales or le Pays Basque?
      What are your ideas?

  2. Miguel

    Que suerte!!!!
    Por razones de trabajo estoy en Tanger (Marruecos) aunque como ya sabes resido habitualmente en Err (Cerdanya francesa).
    Si puedes, avisa cuando tengas previsto volver a la Cerdanya y si estoy por allí, tomamos un café y hablamos sobre las mugas.



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