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Didier Roux almost completed all bordermarkers

I came across this newspaper article (or see this pdf)

about Didier Roux (age 56 years, Bagnères-de-Luchon) and his wanderings around Coustouges to find the bordermarkers as part of his project to visit all esfr-bordermarkers. Indeed not an easy task over there.

We got into contact and he wrote me how it all began in 2018. After purchasing all IGN-maps, he started with only maps and compass to guide him. He thinks that using a gps diminishes the charm of searching the markers, he is not the only one of that opinion. Nevertheless, he used the websites of Robert Darrieumerlou and Alain Gillodes to help him.

There have been difficult bordermarkers to find, especially around Coustouges but also near Col de Banyuls. Walking alone can be risky as he experienced in 2023 when – trying to get to bm330bis – jumped on a large rock which started to tumble and he ended up caught between the rocks. He badly wounded his head and wrist. He managed to retreat to a cabane where first aid was provided by a doctor on a walking trip. His full walking equipment can be seen on this picture:

He hopes to finish in 2024, there are 22 bordermarkers still to do, mainly in the high mountains. These are the ones still missing:

Pyrénées Atlantiques: 85bis
Hautes Pyrénées: 326.327.328.329.330.330 bis
Haute Garonne: 408,408 I,40 8II,40 8III and 408 IV
Ariège: 424 and 425
Pyrénées Orientales: 432, 433, 434, 435, 436, 437, 437 I and 438

And Didier has his also his own logo he likes to show.

We wish him all the best with his last bordermarkers and hope that there will be some way of publication of his pictures.
Once completed all bordermarkers, he will be added to the honorary list of those who did them all.