New website on the bordermarkers of the Pyrenees

Cayetano (living in Girona, Spain) started in 2013 to search and photograph the esfr-bordermarkers between the province of Girona and France (bm427-602). Starting from the east, he has covered until now bm601 up to bm528. We can read that on his recently published spanish website












Cayetono refuses to use a gps-device to find the markers. He prefers maps, delimitation-proceedings and information/pictures from other sources. I can appreciate his approach, that’s how I started and found most of the bordermarkers.

I like his website a lot. Apart from the pictures of the bordermarkers he provides
– the original (delimitation-)treaties in Spanish (!)
– a dictionary of related terms
– some curiosities
– and he is – very modern – connected with Facebook, Twitter etcetera

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