Barry Arnold in the Pyrenees

Barry Arnold is one of those guys fascinated by borders: border-crossings in all kinds, border-phenomena, and in particular tripoints. His website ( lists all his trips to various borders and tripoints.

In August 2020 he traveled to the French-Spanish border in the eastern Pyrenees and documented thoroughly the ‘borderpoints’ he visited, including the two tripoints of Andorra. See this subpage of his website. Very interesting, very informative, very worth reading.

Noteworthy: he did the Llivia-circuit as well, covering all the Llivia-bordermarkers (soon to be added in his enclave-section). He is also one of the few among us who dared to climb the Pic de Medecourbe (western tripoint of Andorra). Also interesting: his account of the pene-enclave Os de Civis,  the only Spanish village that can be reached by car only by going through Andorra (link). He might consider – with his stamina – to do the Andorra-circuit.

One thought on “Barry Arnold in the Pyrenees

  1. Barry Arnold

    Thank you Eef for this write up. It was an amazing couple of weeks followed by 14 days UK quarantine. It is such an interesting border with the border markers, crossings (both road and rail) and of course the 2 tripoints. Still much to do both in the east and the west too which I still need to visit. If you ever go back to BM #602 let me know!!

    Lastly, I do want to thank you because your website and gps tracks made many things possible. I would for example never have found the 45 Llivia border markers without your original hard work.

    All the best



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