Bm481fr in a changing world

I was happy to receive a picture of Carlos and Conchita, showing the plaque of bm481fr being lifted to the surface again. Bm481fr (Bourg-Madame in the Cerdagne) started his life as a large borderstone. It was removed when the road was constructed and replaced by a plaque in the tarmac. In 2012, however, the plaque got covered by a new layer of tarmac. Now it’s visible again.

Watch the changing fate of bm481fr on this page.


2 thoughts on “Bm481fr in a changing world

  1. david

    Thanks… and of course the first thought that occurs is, “If (a) the bordermarker is placed precisely on the border, and (b) roads are paved by political jurisdictions, why would new tarmac be laid over a marker, rather than up to the marker?” Cheers.

  2. Eef Berns

    Thank you for your comment, Dave, but this is a particular case. The borderline is actually in the middle of the river besides the street and at this point there are double markers at either side of the river. So: this marker is totally at French territory. In fact, it’s surprising that they kept its position at exact the same spot, it would haven been more practical to replace it to the side of the newly constructed street.

    Regards, Eef


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