Bordermarker-maintenance: someone has to do the job

On Tuesday 23-6-2020 I did two maintenance jobs near Col de Lizarrieta in the Basque country. I located the exact spot of a presumed lost borderplate and found it back. The second job was dragging the dislocated intermediate marker 44L back to its original spot and dig it in. Why? Because no one else does.

A bit of background: In 1988 twelve intermediate bordermarkers were placed near Col de Lizarrieta: 44A to 44L. On the broad and flat Col itself – between bm044 and bm044A – three plates were placed at ground level with an F and an E on it. Two of the plates still exist but the third one seemed to have disappeared or covered by tarmac.

This is the second plate, the third plate should approximately have been placed underneath the red car.

Of the twelve intermediate markers, the 44L had rolled down the hill and was to be found for many years next to 44J. It seems no one cared…

Fortunately, the treaty of 1988 mentions the exact distances between the plates and the markers. See this page. So the exact locations of the third plate and 45L can be established quite simple with a landsurveyor’s measuring tape.

I arrived very early on the Col to avoid unwanted attention. My toolkit for today:

I started with measuring the exact spot of the third plate:
and start to dig and soon: Bingo!

Then uphill for the second job and measuring the distances from 44K and from 45 to establish the original location of 44L

Then digging a hole

and rolling the 44L uphill

And finally digging in 44L at his original spot.

Jobs finished in two hours, I’m very content. Someone has to do it.

5 thoughts on “Bordermarker-maintenance: someone has to do the job

  1. Jerry W

    Eef you are a star, and a shoo-in for the Croix de l’Honneur next time it is awarded.
    But in these days of GPS I am afraid that physical boundary markers are no longer valued the way they should be. Here in England my local Parish has 36 border markers that we know about .. the next parish has over 100 .. but nobody knows they are there, nobody values them as they should do. They are ignored but they are historic monuments and should be treated as such.
    In the meantime, looking after them when no-one else does, can in fact be very satisfying, as you have found 🙂

  2. Jannis

    Again an incredible job you did Eef. Wow, with limited but professional tools you already found so many ‘lost’ BMs. And now even replace them. Congratulations !!

  3. Carlos Conchita

    Hola Eef, it was a very good work !
    We have visited yesterday the bm’s from 039 to 049, and the 3 plates (3 after your work !, before , only 2 !)
    and the 44L is the only one well situated and very visible.
    Next year yo can repair all these 44A, 44B…!

    Saludos !
    Carlos y Conchita

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