Jacques Koleck: “chasseur de bornes”, age: 77

I was happy and surprised to receive an email of Jacques Koleck, followed by many pictures and detailed information. That provides plenty of fuel for new posts on this blog.
Jacques – living in Pau – started with photographing bordermarkes in 2007. Having begun with bm001, he has now reached the eastern Pyrenees. Having expressed my hope that I can still roam the Pyrenees at his age, he told me that there is also a couple from Biarritz, both 79 years old, still walking along the bordermarkers!
Read about Jacques and his passion in this article.

(Bibliographic data:
Chasseur de bornes en Pyrénées / André-Jaques Dereix
Journal Sud Ouest – Le Mag – 15 september 2012, pag 36-37)


2 thoughts on “Jacques Koleck: “chasseur de bornes”, age: 77

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  2. michel molia

    je reviens des bornes de St Laurent de Cerdans …et j’ai encore raté des bornes : les 528 et 530
    sont elles bien situées rive gauche des ruisseau comme indiqué sur la carte GPS ?


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