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I did them all!

Today – in the Basque country – I ‘did’ the last two bordermarkers of the Pyrenees, still to be photographed by me. We are talking about those bordermarkers which – to our knowledge – still exist. Some bordermarkers – as you know – have disappeared or are destroyed, like bm255 and 271bis.

I didn’t know these last two bordermarkers until last week. Charles Darrieu told me about them and provided pictures. So I extended my trip to the Basque country to complete this very quest of mine. They are double or extra bordermarkers of existing ones. By the way: in the last two weeks I also photographed bm330, bm310bis and bm251-cross, three other missing (by me) bordermarkers.

One of today’s markers is an extra number 85 on a rock, some 10 meters from the pillar 85, hidden under fallen trees. It’s mentioned in Javier Martínez Ruiz’ comprehensive article.

The other one is a second nr 146 + cross, close to the pillar 146. Another nr 146 + cross is to be found at the other side of the pillar, that one I did in the spring.


A number 146 close to bm146

Javier Martínez Ruiz is an expert on the Basque bordermarkers, his knowledge brought together in his encyclopedic article “Los mojones internacionales desde Biriatou hasta Arneguy” (see my literature-list). Recently he re-visited bm141 to 148, primarily to visit bm145 because of the amazing discovery of Jacques Koleck (see previous post).
But he also remembered that there’s a number 146, engraved in a rock close to bm146.

And he sent me two pictures from which I made this compilation. This rock is ± 15 meters west of bm416 and it seems if only the number is engraved, no cross.