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Bm420bis decapitated

This marker is relatively young. It was placed in 1997 after a Spanish engineer had discovered that the borderline between bm420 and 421 was presented wrongly on the maps and didn’t follow the real watershed. See this page for the whole story.

At my first visit in 2011, bm420bis was still in perfect health after 14 years:

But only 2 years later, the upper half was broken off by brute force. See this blog-post

In 2018 Corinne Gourgeonnet visited bm420bis and found both parts neatly against each other:

Now we are four years later. Corinne Gourgeonnet completed her full range of esfr-bordermarkers last year but can’t forget the esfr-bordermarkers. While walking the 5-days cross-border Pass’Aran-trail , she couldn’t help to revisit bm420bis.

And as you see: the upper half has now disappeared, probably tossed down the mountainside.

A famous quote from a famous dutch poet: anything of value is vulnerable.

Le désir de détruire: bm420bis vandalised

It may sound poetical in french: “le désir de détruire” but this desire to destroy precious things like bordermarkers has a new victim. On my 6-days hike along the  Ariège-borderridge from bm418 to bm425 I found on august 22th 2013 bm420bis broken in two. That must have been done since my last visit in september 2011
 Bm420bis is a new bordermarker, placed in 1997. A Spanish official had discovered that the presumed borderline in this part was wrong. The watershed is actually to the north of the basin in question. To confirm this change in demarcation, this brand new bordermarker was placed. See this webpage for more information.