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New update GRPdesBF-website

I’m glad to announce an update of my main website www.grpdesbf.nl.

Main subject: the discovery of the lost submarkers 408 III and IV and the newly established borderline (2015) between bm408 and 409.

See for the update-details the update-log.

New update GRPdesBF-website

I’m glad to announce a new update of my website.



What’s new (main changes):

– added the 15 daytrips from july/december 2017. Start on this page
– special 1: final (?) search with Charles Darrieu, Michel Molia and Henny Claassen for the 408-submarkers 408 III and IV
– special 2: visiting Marco Noris’ exibition in La Jonquera
– special 3: the addition by Corinne Gourgeonnet of several unnumbered intermediate markers not yet reported in the 001-059 range: start at this page and browse them.
– made entries on the ‘sources-in-person’-page for Corinne Gourgeonnet and Michel Molia