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Bm409 submarker 7 restored

I was happy to receive from Jean-Paul Laborie his report of the renewal of the submarker 409-7 close to bm410 near Pont du Roi which took place a few weeks ago.


The beautiful ceramic covers were destroyed between 2011 and 2014. The ceramic plates have been remade by the same company of 45 years ago. We can see that they are identical with the original ones on the next picture. The bm409-submarkers were placed in ± 1970. See this page for more information.


Jean-Paul Laborie is a “Délégué à l’abornement”, an official border-commissioner with the assigment to check the bordermarkers in the central part of the Pyrenees. I think he has a dream-job.

Vandalised bordermarker to be repaired

I was happy to hear from Jean-Paul Laborie – delegate of the Pyrenean bordercommission – that the sadly destroyed submarkers 409-7fr will be replaced or repaired. The beautiful ceramic plates will be remade by the same company of 45 years ago.

It’s one of the 2×7 submarkers between bm409 and 410 placed along the Garonne riversides and intended to mark precisely the borderline when the barrage-lake flooded the Garonne-banks around 1970. More information and pictures on this webpage

This is part of a maintenance operation at Pont du Roi where one of the unnumbered markers on the new bridge was repaired. You can read about that in this newspaper-article in which that unnumbered marker is wrongly called bm410. I liked the testimony of Laborie on the significance of maintenance of the bordermarkers: because they are our heritage!